Fetching playlists updating rank and unlocks

I am signed into the PSN and everything, then when I click "play online" it goes to a screen that should be there for about 10 seconds with Online Status saying "Fetching Playlists... Connecting to Matchmaking Server..." Seems similar to the downloading game settings in cod4.

Yesterday I decided to play some modern warfare 2 again.

Hope it gets sorted soon as would like to play my new game sometime soon.

hi, i have this problem to and it seems to be similar to the "DOWNLOADING GAME SETTINGS" from MW1.

what bs I got on for about 2 minutes in a game with nine other people a little while ago but I am un able to now. On anothe forum i saw someone say that they are having problems with the online at the moment and that your best bet is to play on campaign for now. yeah im in northern ireland atm n im havin the same issue aswell. been reading all over the net that its something to do with tropies or else some ppl are finding it difficult to search for games?? However other people have simply said that it is a server issue and will be rectified shortly, lets hope its the latter.

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