Error validating saml response

This person then uses Web server software to set up those users and their passwords.

So if you need to access the URL (or you forgot your user ID or password), only the security officer at that site can help you. If you think that the URL Web page *should* be accessible to all and sundry on the Internet, then a 401 message indicates a deeper problem.

This specification defines the core Open ID Connect functionality: authentication built on top of OAuth 2.0 and the use of Claims to communicate information about the End-User. When using such Claims, it is RECOMMENDED that collision-resistant names be used for the Claim Names, as described in the JSON Web Token (JWT) [JWT] specification.

It also describes the security and privacy considerations for using Open ID Connect. Alternatively, Private Claim Names can be safely used when naming conflicts are unlikely to arise, as described in the JWT specification.

Open ID Connect 1.0 is a simple identity layer on top of the OAuth 2.0 protocol. Newlines can be represented either as a carriage return/line feed pair ("\r\n") or as a single line feed character ("\n").

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your Web browser or our Check Up Down robot) was correct, but access to the URL resource requires user authentication 1) which has not yet been provided or 2) which has been provided but failed authorization tests.

Also notice that your SAMLResponse contains a Encrypted Assertion.

In order to check the signature, the toolkit first decrypt the Encrypted Assertion and later try to find an Assertion signed in order to validate it.

Maybe the issue is related to some problem in this step, maybe some namespace problem.

You can try to decrypt the Encrypted Assertion here: https:// see what is inside.

Okay, I decrypted the XML successfully using: https:// then tried to validate the decrypted XML using: https:// I get the following: I noticed that the Issuer sent over by the Id P isn't a validate URL.

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