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Well hell, why not just read her Tweet for yourself: Good, now maybe he can focus on being as entertaining as watching ice melt, while she can go back to taking her clothes off somewhere without having a pouty Scottish guy with a ponytail to answer to. She knew we’d post this since she’s dressed up like every one of my wet dreams, if I were still ready for some hair metal.Jack Swagger posted that he was going out to get an All American tan. Why do people continue to stick their tongue out like a monoslab?It’s being reported that WWE Diva and ECW General Manager, Tiffany and Smack Down’s Intercontinental Champion Drew Mc Intyre are engaged to be married.The report has surfaced from PWInsider though I’m not sure how accurate it is. Congratulations to the couple if true, I didn’t even know they were together.Plus, knowing WWE’s PG rating, why bother having a former Playboy model on your roster (other than to please Nathan Timm).On the other hand, Jillian Hall has been an incredible team player for years now, first wearing that stupid mole thing on her cheek, then having it eaten off her cheek by Boogeyman, then being cast as a Brooke Hogan-esque screeching caterwauling vocalist.It’s like, you keep it together and then you get off the phone and then the tears started. He was there to be my side and make me feel a little better.” On that incident in August: “Somebody had an axe to grind with my husband and it was absolutely ridiculous. It was just someone that was trying to screw with my husband and it was really, really crummy of them to do that.It was unfortunate, it was really blown out of proportion.

Full article from the Sunday Mail is after the cut: BUNNY GIRL’S SMACKDOWN Taryn arrested for assaulting her husband in LA THE Bunny girl wife of Scots wrestling champion Drew Mc Intyre has been arrested for allegedly attacking him.

I mean, I know you can’t stay employed forever (and she’d be wise to try to nab some sweet TNA money while they’re still flushing it down the commode), but…

eh, honestly, whatever, I felt like feigning interest. WWE Diva Tiffany (Taryn Terrell) was suspended by World Wrestling Entertainment earlier this week after an incident in San Jose, California at the hotel WWE had booked talents into, according to numerous sources within the company.

Tiffany previously dated ‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ star, Alfonso Ribiero who played Carlton Banks.

According to her Twitter account about 18 minutes ago, Taryn Terrell, better known to WWE fans as Tiffany (or that bump on a log from ECW that was worth withdrawing from the spank bank every once in a while) is divorcing Drew Mc Intyre. Morneau, win-win-win.) Evidently Taryn Terrell (AKA Tiffany) has been reading Stunt Granny because she decided to send “Kisses” and the picture above to Twitter.

I’m just trying to figure out what my next step is.

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