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So once you figure out the max memory your app needs, you cap it to keep rogue code from impacting other apps. You can also get a minor startup perf boost by setting minimum higher, since it doesn't have to grow the heap right away.

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Compare Record.main(Compare See and -Xmx set the minimum and maximum sizes for the heap.

The list of perm-gen hosted data is a little fuzzy, but it generally contains things like class metadata, bytecode, interned strings, and so on (and this certainly varies across Hotspot versions).

How to give your program more memory when running from Eclipse Go to Run / Run Configurations. I haven't looked at your code in detail, but it looks like you're storing a lot of data in a There are a few ways, to increase the java heap size for your app where a few have suggested already.

Your app need to remove the elements from your adddress Map as your app add new element into it and so you won't encounter oom if there are more records coming in. I am not pro in Java but your problem can be solved by "blockingqueue" if you use it wisely.

Memory Analyzer 1.3 using -Xmx58g has successfully analyzed a heap dump containing over 948 million objects.

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