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Max’s outburst confused Brittny, but she didn’t understand that she and Max were starting down a dangerous road.

Although she would never have described it this way at the time, their relationship had become abusive. Whether it happens in a serious boyfriend/girlfriend situation or with a girl or guy who is just a casual hookup, dating abuse is a serious problem.

He became an architect, designing gardens for the Rockefellers, corporate headquarters for AT&T in New York, and buildings for the MIT campus.

Bosworth became famous for his restoration work at the Palace of Versailles, commissioned by John D. He also supervised the rebuilding of the steps of Marietta College’s Erwin Hall in 1923-24.

“It was amazing to like someone and have him like me back,” she remembers. Max started telling Brittny that her friends were a bad influence and that his friends couldn’t believe he was slumming it by being with her. He’d drive her home from school, go to football practice, then head back to her house.

“I had butterflies when he was around.” For the first few months, Brittny and Max did all the normal couple stuff—Max even walked Brittny to her classes. After he left, he’d call her while he was driving home, and they’d talk until they went to sleep.

A graduate of Marietta College with the Class of 1842, Ebenezer Baldwin Andrews (1821-1880) was professor of geology at Marietta College, assistant to the Ohio state geological survey, and colonel of the 36th O. Between 18, Catharine filled seven volumes with her memoirs and hand-written copies of earlier correspondence.

(2 mss boxes)Catharine (Barker) Barker (1806-1885) was the daughter of Joseph Barker and Elizabeth (Dana) Barker, New England farmers who traveled west to Ohio in 1789.

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She had fallen asleep, and he was absolutely furious.

Brittny Henderson was in 10th grade when she started going out with Max*, a senior who was a starting running back on the football team.

He was her first real boyfriend, and she was psyched. Suddenly, Max needed to be in constant contact with Brittny.

There are three poems in the collection also attributed to her brother, Patrick Branwell; "In glimpses of a spirit shore," "And all her tresses backward strayed," and "To the horse Black Eagle which I rode at the battle of Zamorna." The poem "There let thy bleeding branch alone" is also attributed to her sister, Anne.

The correspondence consists of one letter written by Charlotte Bronte to Ellen Nussey relating to the death of the author.

The collection includes notebooks, papers, and publications related to geology.

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