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Read More Continuing the theme of companionship for hire, this former almost A- list mostly movie actress has once again lost out on the big fish she was hoping for early last month. I look forward to a season when the show segues from the Magic Castle to having Siegfried help Roy find a wife.The prime suspects tried to sue him and lost: ex-con Hanrahan who became a scapegoat for his legal troubles; mobster Ross; a sexy centerfold; and a bigamist magician.17 October 1982When a fashion designer is murdered, the prime suspect is a model who happens to be Houston's ex. And he looks at the man's wife, his partner, and a designer.

Deanna Pappas may not have found her happy ending on “The Bachelorette,” after calling off her engagement to snowboarder Jesse Csincsak, but the show was not a complete loss.

A group of the guys including Jesse, Jeremy Anderson (a lawyer from Dallas, TX), Richard Mathy (a science teacher from Binghamton, NY) and Brian Westendorf (a high school football coach from Ft.

Worth, TX) have become extremely close friends and recently hooked up for a ski reunion weekend in Jesse’s hometown of Breckenridge, Colorado. “There is the occasional reference to that little known show that brought us together,” Richard says.

I have to say that was just really good reality television.

, accepting the 26-year-old pro snowboarder's proposal with a big ol' teary smile on her face.

In essence, the whole Jeremy storyline includes mushy romantic confession, a testosterone war with Ron and Ryan Hoag the Virgin pro-football player (Ryan might do well as part of Siegfried and Roy), and a pushup contest where Jeremy happens to beat both Ron and Ryan then quits least he draw too much attention to his uber-manliness.

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