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These girls are so unrestrained that one can hardly believe.

Just thought of stopping by here and doing some sort of yearly summary like what I've always done before in this space, and in my offline journals as well. Besides, sometimes there are times when you just have to stop, park your thoughts for a while, stop typing, stop snapping pictures, just breathe and let the bad vibes out as you let the good atmosphere in. I realized that when I was in Bangkok earlier this month. Cinema is my first love, after all, a love affair I've been having ever since I could remember -- a love affair that will only stop when I stop breathing. Waiting for the new year to commence in a few hours, and I can't fucking wait to leave 2013 already!!! But what preoccupied me naman was something I love anyway, so the past week or so didn't feel like work anyway, because it involved cinema.If you've been following this space closely, you'll know why. Not giving in to thoughts that are still haunting me during these last few days of the year, not giving in to emotions that are stapled together with those thoughts. I blogged about it in my pop culture blog about how I was tapped to be a juror for this year's Metro Manila Film Festival Most Gender Sensitive Film Award. For the record again, HINDI KO BINOTO ANG GBBT okayyyyyyy?The scientists have also discovered numerous planets orbiting the star, of which Gliese 581g is one.So far the scientists have found that there are six planets orbiting the star. yung dati araw araw mong kausap ngayon ni mag Hi sayo dina magawa?

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