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The restaurant is fully licenced, air-conditioned and Visa/Master Cards are accepted.

If you book online we offer 5% discount on standard rates Standard rates – R 360 pppn sharing, R 420 single rate Wake up to the distant creaking of windmills and peaceful country sounds.

If you want me to post your instrument please read this If this service has made you happy, please consider making a donation to my lute string fund! Cypress vaulted back and sides, cypress neck and pegbox spruce top. It has great volume and presence and a bright sound and great playability. Truly exceptional sound and projection, and visually very beautiful. Price: 3,600 € For more details please contact Zak Ozmo at: AT Photos: https:// Gduwh Rb EF3_iyvo HQIFa? Currently strung in gut, but I can restring it in Nylgut before shipping/selling. Lute is in NY/NJ Contact: Kevin [dot] dixonpayne [at] gmail [dot] com picture picture picture picture December 23 2016 14 course single stringed theorbo made by Alexander Hopkins (2014), 82/162cm. A new set of Nylgut Aquila strings will be sent with the instrument. Definitely an instrument suitable for a busy and varied concert schedule. New frets, playable in A 415 or 440 with the strings coming with it. The back is constructed of 15 alternating ribs of zircote and holly. Rosewood tuning pegs and strung in Savarez carbon nylon and Pyramid silver overwound strings and tuned in G (440).

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4 Jordaan is a private self-catering Karoo home close to the centre of the heritage town of Prince Albert.

Shops, food experiences, galleries, a wonderful theatre and more are in walking distance from 4 Jordaan.

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Regular menu changes with aged Grade A steak, natural lamb, ostrich and vegetarian dishes being permanent features.

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