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Has it ever implied that Isak had a fling with him or what? Can you tell me a little bit about their involvement in SKAM?I know Isak had a crush on Jonas but what's with Chris P?The show broadcast once in a week, all the important scenes of the whole week are put together in one clip and then it broadcast on TV as an episode.However, you can see the small video clip of all days on the official website of the show.It’s an old homophobic trope, that we’re only too happy to encourage, that any older gay man interested in what a teenager has to say has sexual motives, or is a paedophile.The season 3 trailer featured a highly stylised dreamlike sequence – from Isak’s imagination, I guess – as our hero gazes upon his classmates in the locker room, in wonder, horror and embarrassment, on the outside looking in, when a carton of milk splatters on the locker above him, drenching him in it.And yet, is building a loyal, hungry audience – and it’s not just teenagers who are gripped.

It’s all in Norwegian, and rough translations are done by amateurs and only available to watch on Tumblr or via download links that disappear almost as soon as they’re made live.for non-Norwegian folks like you and me, is a TV drama (2015-) that took the Internet by storm and with good reason too, as it is such a timely and relevant TV and social phenomenon.It is, essentially, a show about a group of students at Hartvig Nissens, a high school in Oslo, looking to find their place in society and leave their own mark.The series is the Norwegian teen drama and the new season will bring some new twist and turn in the story.Skam has already created the waves on the internet as the audience like this series so much and appreciate the work of the main cast as well.During Easter the Ouija board says that Isak is dating Sara cause he’s gay Some time later we hear that Sara broke up with Isak, unknown reason Then a party, Eva is shitfaced drunk and tries to make out with Isak.

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