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Every drink or tapa bought was offered around before the buyer had any.It’s important to remember to offer, because even if the drink is theirs and they only offered a taste if you don’t hand it back to them they won’t take it from you.While I was traveling around the Iberian Peninsula last year, Spain was receiving some bad press back on the other side of the Atlantic – as an object lesson in how not to do things.

It works out pretty well too, with everybody taking care of everybody a good time is guaranteed.Bridesmaids are not a traditional part of Spanish weddings, but with Hollywood's influence, they are becoming so.At the reception, the head table is traditionally set for 6: the bride, the groom and their parents.But I did spend some time walking around the streets of Salamanca, Sevilla, and Barcelona, and much of that time involved discussions about culture and evolution with several Spanish psychologists, so I learned something about the differences (and the similarities) between Spanish and American societies.Let’s start with the differences, since it is always interesting to compare “us” to “them.” Perhaps most salient is the number of people on the street at almost any time of the day, and long into the night.As I understand it, Spaniards take a two-hour lunch that may begin at 2 or 3 in the afternoon, or later. There is another aspect of Spanish culture that feels very natural, but that is rather un-American.

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