Dating program affiliate team


The Find-Bride Affiliate Program is connected with the popular dating site.

Whether you have your own site or you just know how to attract the traffic, feel free to join the Find-Bride Affiliate Program and start to earn money.

In 2006, Seeking joined the dating world, quickly becoming one of the preferred mutually beneficial dating platforms.

Now Seeking Arrangement features 3.6 million members who are generous and beautiful, from models and professionals to anyone who is interested in the sugar lifestyle.

Its’s competitive CPL and CPA rates, a comprehensive set of brand guidelines, regularly refreshed creative and designs, industry leading consumer offers and incentives, regular communication and a dedicated affiliate marketing team.

We are looking for good quality, active websites that provide unique content to their users.

pays out all affiliates for approved transactions on the 20th of every month. Absolutely, if your friend joins the site using the affiliate link granted from, then you will receive 40% of whatever that friend pays us.

You must have a proper W-9 filled out and a bank account or physical address in order to receive payments. Recommend Seeking to your friends to increase your revenue.

After completing the form, your application will be reviewed by the affiliate Team within 24-48 hours.

You will receive an email notifying you whether your application was approved or denied.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the most popular ways to make money online but ‘what is affiliate marketing? Affiliate Marketing is basically selling someone else’s products or services and then in return receiving a commission for doing so.

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