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Located in Staunton in Western Central Virginia The Camera Heritage Museum houses a unique collection of antique cameras dating from the 19th century to modern times.They often have both a historical significance and a provenance that is interesting to all.In 1926 it introduced the first real Agfa camera, the Standard.In 1927 the name Rietzschel disappeared from the products.If you do not find information that you are looking for we may be listing it any day now. We are in need of places to display the cameras that are arriving on a weekly basis from all over the world. Buckley Moss Museum building as a new location for the Camera Heritage Museum.Board of Directors Frank Marshman --- President Carol Turrentine ___Vice President Nancy Sorrells ___ Secretary Richard Pippin Dr. The beautiful building was originally built as a museum, so it would not require any renovation for our purposes. Buckley Moss recently donated her museum building and surrounding land to the Virginia Tech Foundation.

Lastly, models with the optional meter installed are generally worth more than a non-metered camera, if the meter is working. 75mm Tessar 3.5, Opton 75/3.5 or Xenar 75/3.5 lens.

However, we need to raise .4 million to purchase the building. Virginia Tech does not want the responsibility of maintaining a building so far from campus.

Thus, the building will be for sale to raise funds for the Virginia Tech Foundation.

AGFA was the abbreviation for Aktien-Gesellschaft für Anilin-Fabrikation, given in 1873 to a company that had been founded in Berlin in 1867. Most famous is the film developer Rodinal, introduced in 1892 and continued for 115 years.

When Agfa obtained the Rietzschel camera works in Munich from Bayer in 1925, it badged all Rietzschel products with its Agfa rhombus.

There are not any open camera museums in the USA since collections are often private.

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