Dating methodologies in archaeology

Most people think that archaeology is about history, but archaeologists are not historians.

The basic difference lies in the type of evidence which the two disciplines use to interpret the past.

Indian scientist set to change world history Was Max Muller at fault when he propagated the White Invasion theory? Since the 1920s, dozens of archaeological expeditions have unearthed traces of a 4,500-year-old urban culture that covered some 300,000 square miles in modern day Pakistan and north-western India.

Digs at major sites such as Mohenjo-daro and Harappa revealed a sophisticated society whose towns had advanced sanitation, bathhouses and grid-like city planning.

Archaeologists use artefacts and stratigraphic evidence, whilst historians use documents.

Prehistory refers to that part of human existence that preceded the development of writing.Archaeological data recovered during excavations are often supplemented with information derived from ancient literary sources (such as theological, narrative, or historical writings).Archaeology has an important role in illuminating the cultures of certain peoples referred to for example in the Bible, such as the Hyksos and Philistines (who were not at all boorish as one might think).Those chambers are free of anything extraneous: Only sample vials and scientific equipment are visible.The DNA and proteins that the researchers work with there come from ancient microbes, and keeping the lab free of contamination is a tall order in a world that is positively swimming with their modern counterparts.Archaeology is the study of people in the past based on their material remains.

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