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This album included the number one single "True Colors" and "Change of Heart", which peaked at number 3.

Since 1989, Lauper has released nine studio albums and participated in many other projects.

She holds a Master’s degree in Public Health from the University of Michigan and a law degree from Michigan State University’s College of Law. Johnson has extensive experience as an attorney associate and partner/shareholder at local law firms in addition to providing counsel to CLS and other mental health and health care providers. Johnson Serves as the CLS HIPAA Privacy Officer with oversight responsibility to ensure compliance with HIPAA security requirements.He has a strong background in corporate accounting and finance, financial analysis, management and information technology. Yordy was employed with Healthcore, Inc./Great Lakes Health Plan as corporate controller for 3 years before being promoted to Chief Financial Officer.He was instrumental in achieving a massive corporate turnaround at Health Core in 1990 and leading the company from insolvency to equity in one year. Yordy joined CLS’ executive team in 2003 as Chief Financial Officer. Singla holds a Master’s of Science in Computer Information Systems from Wayne State University. Singla joined CLS’ executive team in June 2014 bringing a wealth of executive technology expertise, including management of healthcare information and Electronic Health Records systems, technology architecture and integration, data analytics, strategic analysis, and process improvement. Singla served as Director of Wayne County’s Health Information Technology Department for 3 years before joining CLS as CIO.Front row, left to right: Jackie Brennan (PA), Serena Preston (IL), Lisa Kisiel (MI), William Tubilleja (NC), Lori Foley (ND), Faanati Penitusi (AS).Linda Lyle (NM), Chair of the Educational Products Advisory Committee (ESAC), and Jim Olson (CO), Chair of the Educational Services Advisory Committee (EPAC), share highlights from the 2013 Committee reports.Jim Dehem is the President/CEO of Community Living Services as well as President of Friends of CLS, a separate non-profit organization.

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