Bill nye dating valentines day ideas for someone your not dating


At the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky, Ken Ham used his interpretation of Genesis to argue against evolution.

He claims all animals on Earth descended from around 10,000 distinct, divinely created animal kinds, splitting apart through minor adaptations into the more than 10 million species alive today.

Ham fabricates elaborate tales about Adam and Eve coexisting with vegetarian ceratosauruses in the Garden of Eden.When a viewer asked whether same-sex relationships made "evolutionary sense," Bill Nye was the first to say that he wasn't totally an expert on human sexuality -- just an observer of humanity.But your favorite Science Guy Nye explains that sexy-times between members of the same sex exists all across the animal kingdom — from Bonobos to Chimpanzees (also, penguins.).To most watching last week's debate between creationist Ken Ham and science educator Bill Nye, it was a battle between religion and science.But to creationists -- a group which not too long ago included me -- the debate was something else entirely: a battle over the very meaning of science itself."Apparently [homosexuality is] just something that happens in nature and look, we’re all here." Right on, Bill.

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