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Are all these jerks a dead ringer for your first highschool boyfriend? ) Figuring out what makes you fall for meanies may help you to realize that you can get what you’re looking for elsewhere.If they are preying on your insecurities and that turns you on – that’s problem and you need to get to the bottom of it. It’s not your job to get him to open up, get over his past issues with women, learn to love, or “really trust someone.” Listen to your friends If you’re having trouble distinguishing between the shades of grey between jerk and future nice guy, get some more objective advice.

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It’s time to take a closer look at your dating track record and say goodbye to the guys that won’t treat you right.

Pinpoint exactly what you’re attracted to Do you feel sexier when you’re around guys that treat you like an object?

In his mind, no woman is worth the time of the day unless she fits his preconceived notions of perfection and respectability. I’m Hot And You’re Not: You are more likely to have a tea party with President Barack Obama, hookup with Robert Pattinson and write a comedy sketch with Tiny Fey all in the same day, than receive a meaningful compliment from this guy.

He views long-term dating as a “hiring-process” for which he will happily accept resumes, but he knows that at the end of the day no candidate is worthy of the position. This fellow spends seven days of the week at the gym (and wishes there was just more time to dedicate solely to his triceps), frequents the men’s bathroom to catch a glimpse of himself in the mirror, and has at least three photos on his profile where he is doing his version of “Blue Steel.” He is online for the attention, not for love, and definitely not for you!

It's easy enough to bump into a jerk en route to finding a good romantic partner - you shouldn't curse yourself or your luck if you encounter one or two along the way.

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