Arma 2 updating version 1 01 to version 1 06


NET is an in-process interoperability bridge to R from the .

NET Framework 4 and the native R DLLs installed with the R environment.

I don't know why, but when i installed eagle wing, i my guns all got a huge spread.

[61961] Improved: Convoy movement a lot smoother, esp. [61943] Changed: AI gunners can autonomously use automatic weapons only when some automatic weapon is selected [61387] Improved: Cars are now following road turns and corners better.More info about the correct patching order can be found in our FAQ.If you run into trouble patching your game try the Search Function, a lot of helpfull topics about patching troubles are available! This is a significant release due to the fact that all unit tests that can pass using Mono indeed pass. NET source code reference repository is now hosted on Git Hub. Community on Nu Get 2015-08-09: 2014-12-18 Release of the R package r Clr 0.7-2 at r Clr.This will update your Arm A 2 to version 1.05 ===Version 1.05 Highlights=== * Free bonus campaign Eagle Wing * Free bonus helicopter addon AH-64D * New Warfare multiplayer mode When Diplomacy Fails, including 3-sides and support for dimplomacy between factions * Major AI tweaking and balancing (better combat cooperation, better situational awareness, new Suppressive fire command) * Significant performance improvements, especially in large towns * Fixed compatibility problems under Windows Vista and Windows 7 x64 with 8 GB and more RAM * Grass now provides concealment also in distance * Improved hit detection and damage system * Improved object visibility and less significant objects popping in distance * Spatial sound improvements * Automatic launching of user made addons (units, missions etc.) via "pbo" file association with the game * Possibility to switch between windowed and fullscreen mode at any time in game menus using Alt Enter or through video options * Various crash opportunities fixed * Linux server support added (dedicated server file available as separate download) * New GUI to various dedicated server settings * DRM free for users of legitimate installs * Optional Battl Eye anti-cheat protection * Airplane Heads-Up displays reworked ===Update 1.05 incorporates all fixes included in previous patches, most notable are:=== * Improved multiplayer and cooperative campaign (saving games, connection issues) * Numerous fixes and improvements in the Harvest Red campaign * Mission editor improvements * Many new scripting functions * Improved AI driving skills * Improved Micro AI tactics, attack in pairs, path limiting to avoid passing through walls.

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