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John lives in the Bay Area while Garnett lives in Los Angeles, and has his own weekly podcast called Garnett on Games.Every Wednesday they get together for a live Google Hangout to chat about games, and then they post the audio as a podcast the following day.There are probably other games we mention that begin with the letter D, but we can't remember what they are right now.We're back on the regular schedule again this week, and we're all over the place.Lots of Divinity enthusiasm (and some doubts), plus Garden Warfare, the Destiny Ghose Edition, and much discussion about pre-orders and all the nonsense that seems to surro We're back!After a 2-week break, we've finally got back together to record another episiode.Each show they talk about gaming news, what they've been playing, the state of the games business, and answer questions from the community. And just in time to talk about all the stuff announced at Gamescom this week.Lots of stuff from Sony and Microsoft to discuss, plus a throwback to old Listen Up and 1UP Yours shows. We start with DOTA 2, move on to Destiny, and later talk about the new Doom.

Now, they live hundreds of miles apart - but still get together to talk about videogames whenever possible.

She then moved to Japan and worked as an Assistant Producer at Q-Games from September 2010 until December 2011 where she worked on Pixel Junk Side Scroller, Pixel Junk Shooter 2, Pixel Junk Monsters Online and hosted their official Pixel Junk Radio podcast.

At this time, she was also a regular contributor to games radio show One Life Left; her segment focused on the differences between Western and Japanese development culture.

Moore was the winner of the 20 Naismith Prep Player of the Year.

Moore played forward for the UConn women's basketball team, and won back to back national championships in 20.

She was selected as the John Wooden Award winner in 2009 after leading Connecticut to the undefeated national championship.

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