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The blastula is a hollow, fluid-filled sphere bounded by a single layer of cells surrounding a central cavity or blastocoel.The blastula develops from a spherical cluster of cells called a morula.Lancé fin 2007 dans une version test, le site avait alors pour but de faciliter la mise en relation entre tous les propriétaires d’animaux de compagnie.De nombreux maîtres de chiens, principalement, recherchant en effet à effectuer une saillie, ou simplement à organiser des promenades avec d’autres propriétaires d’animaux domestiques.

Remember that the botanical counterpart of a phylum is called a division.

Unicellular animals (called protozoans) are usually placed in the kingdom Protista along with the divisions of unicellular and multicellular algae.

True multicellular animals are typically without cellulose cell walls and photosynthetic pigments, and they form diploid embryos developing from a blastula stage.

Multicellular animals are heterotrophic by ingestion of food into a body cavity (coelom) that is completely lined by the mesoderm.

Primitive phyla without a true coelom include the Porifera and Coelenterata (Cnidaria).

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