Accomodating resistance exercise equipment is gerard butler dating anyone


Nevertheless,derivative technologies continue to flood the marketplace.

Variable Resistance Training (VRT), sometimes called accommodating resistance, is a type of training that I’ve been interested in for a while now, and which has been a part of the powerlifting community for even longer.

VRT is what you’re seeing when a lifter adds elastic bands or chains to the bar before a lift.

This has the effect of increasing the resistance toward the end of the concentric phase of the lift.

Lead Image: Elite FTS Think about what you feel when you lift.

Resistance can take one of two forms in athletic training: constant resistance or variable resistance.

Constant resistance is a form of training where the resistance directed against the target muscle or muscle group does not vary through the range of athletic movement.

VRT is a relatively new aspect of training, and as such has not been well studied.

The basis of its effects and effectiveness are largely anecdotal.

There is a point, as the dumbbell is lifted, where the resistance on the muscle is greatest; at the movement before and after that maximal point, the resistance force is much less.

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